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In this issue the Bulletin discuss road accident in Egypt for the second time and invites systems analysts to study this phenomena and its effect on people safety and on the development environment in Egypt.  Also, it reviews the results of two important events which took place regarding road accidents, those are the publication of Road Accident Report issued by the Information and Decision Support center of the Prime Ministry, and also the conference of Road accidents held in Cairo last week.  The results of the two events showed a frightening figures about road accident in Egypt. Some of these figure are:
1. The yearly cost of Road accidents reached 16 Billion in addition to its damaging effects on tourism and development projects
2. Total number of accidents between 1990 to 2008 reached 426400 acc. resulting in the death of 100900 persons and injuring another 440,000 persons
3. Increasing the rate of death and injuries beyond international standard as:
  a. death rate reached 222 per 1000Km of road jurney
  b. yearly rate is 22640 accidents 
  c. daily death reached 15 persons 
If you need to review Al Ahram review for road accidents please visit  موقع جريدة الأهرام في 18 يونيو 2009 .