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One of the most important goals of this site is to provide a scientific vision from a systemic view of management of change issues, and how it reflects on the evolution of methodologies and tools from systems development perspective.  In the region in which we live, development efforts always stumble and collide with the community structure, which always stands resistant to change and development, whether out of fear of the unknown that holds change or to maintain the gains and benefits they attained.  Researchers have made many attempts to get to know the dynamics of these opposing forces, change force and the resisting force, and the way each party affect the other,  and how change rakes place (if initiated) and the state transfer with its behavior and its effects across the field of activities of each of them.  Historically,  the result of this confrontation, in most cases, was the continuation of the status cue, or what the resistance team call  the "steady state" where change is always linked to the fear of slipping into "instability".