Why This Site Is Important?
Although everybody is talking about change very few are adopting the real concept and approach of change. Some people think that change can be achieved just by protesting and complaining, some think that change can be realized by introducing new equipment and expensive software, and others call for religion to solve their problems, and of course none of these will bring real constructive change.
That is why, this site is directing its effort for,
 helping you to change, as change comes from within the ones sole, the family, the organization, and the society.
There is a whole body of knowledge about change, everybody should know about it and believe in it. Change has to be engineered and managed. You should understand that you could become a subject of change by others, and also you can be the master of change. This needs knowledge and understanding of the nature of change and the motive for change, and the secret word for this to happen is Information.  
Management by Information:
The purpose of this site is to promote the importance of management by information specially in the developed countries. It provides the necessary information for those looking for best strategies and methods for systems development and organizations change. It presents Management By Information (MBI) as a philosophy, a strategy, and a methodology. The site believes that our development efforts cannot succeed without adopting the concept of system thinking as changes should by designed to deal with the whole, not in piecewise approach, as everything in our world is connected. Only, by using the suitable tools and methodology of systems development you can make things happen.
The site has three themes:
  • Slide Show: displaying photos of some of real life projects carried out by the auther during the last 30 years, and all used systemic thinking in design, management, and implementation
  • Information and Knowledge: Collected body of knowledge about systems development and change and many of this information is a published work of the auther.
  • Information Bulletin and Interactive Pages: To display and publish case studies and projects in specific field, also to allow publishing the work, experience, and comments of sites visitors
We intend to be a focal point for change by science and knowledge.
This Site is about true and serious change