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السيستم د. عبد المنعم سعيد المصري اليوم
ميكنة المطارات وتحليل النظم

رحلتي مع رخصة القيادة د. عبد المنعم سعيد
وحدةالتراخيص وتحليل النظم

الرقمنة والروتين محمد السيد صالح
الحكومة والتحول الرقمي

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Mukhtar Ibrahim

The idea of sculpting a statue representing the renaissance of Egypt goes back to the artist Mahmoud Mukhtar since 1917. A model for the statue was displayed at the Paris Art Gallery in 1920, and the Egyptian people participated in a public subscription to establish it. On May 20, 1928, its construction was completed, and oved to its current location in 1955.


The case in Al_Ahram Newspaper

Systems analysis is an art and science

with the development of system sciences as artificial intelligence and machine learning, it is expected that new methodologies will emerge for building smart management systems. Systems analyst remains like an artist who is good at the art of sculpture and works to shape the system through its stages of transformation.

Transformation of General Autority for Sewage:

This is a true case for a project launched in 1998 with the aim to developing an administrative and technical capabilities of the sewage facility to ensure its safe operation. It includes transforming the management system from the manual operation to an automated system. This included human resource department, legal affairsdepartment, finance, warehouses, and maintenance systems with networks piping and sainetry stations operations. The current operation was distributed among five information centers within the geographical scope of Greater Cairo Governorate. Studies and development work continued until 2003 with the application of systems development methodologies in a professional manner and with the participation of a group of professors from the Faculty of Computers at Cairo University. The following gives a state of events which ended up by cancelling the project.
The newspaper image presents a description of the project as presented by the first site dedicated for the project. The journalist A. Jamal Ghitas explained the reasons for the project’s failure as stated on the site. The writer wondered why the project stopped after the director changed, and gave a number of examples of similar projects. Enlarge the image to read more details of the project and refer to the issue of Al-Ahram newspaper on the same date June 17, 2003
The following week, June 24, 2003, the newspaper followed up on the issue of information systems projects failure and discussed causes of this phenomenon. The author participated in this presentation, where he sent a comment on the reasons as he sees and experiences them through the planning and implementation of the project. You can also read the authors comment by clicking on the image
On August 1, 2003, the page published a response from the authority’s director explaining the reasons that led him to take the decision to stop the project. By studying this response, we can learn more about many concepts and practical examples of resistance to change. This response may provide a realistic example of the real reasons for the failures and collapse of development projects.
Here we present the requst for solution (RFS) document, of strategy adopted for completing the project, as formulated by the author and reviewed by a committee of professors from the Faculty of Computing at Cairo University. We present it here as a model for development strategies for such projects. The document also presents the stages and steps that were adopted during the stages of developing the prototype used to build the solution.
After all these comments and articles, the newspaper continued to present models and examples of success and exposure to a number of projects without seeing a real crystallization of a solid study for the reasons for projects failure. Therefore, the author submitted a proposal for a research project to investigate the reasons for the failure of development projects. At the same time, the author participated in supervising a master’s thesis on the subjectclick to review a research project launched with Cairo University
System Analysis and Design:
System analysis and design are concerned with the investigation of an organization and the design and implementation of a computerized solution to that organization needs. To analyze a system is to identify its components (devices, people, rules and procedures) and their interrelationships in order to determine its objectives, requirements, and priorities. The analyst must find ways of representing organization as a whole system, taking into consideration any economic behavioral and technical constraints. To know more about systems analyst job from the internet click here. and visit the international institute of business analysis(IIBa).