Activities and Roles:
The diversity of information applications and multiple fields of information use led to a variety of methodologies used to identify problems develop solutions, which add new dimension to the nature of job of systems analyst. So, the familiarity with the various methodologies used in the analysis, design and conditions of use of each of them, becomes essential to the qulification and experience of the analyst. Perhaps, we can add also, that the ability to develop new methodology consistent with the work environment and culture of the the system under development has become a must for him. That why he called sometime (Methods Person) or methodologies expert reference to his mastery of the ways and steps to solve the problems. Therefore, new levels and disciplines have emerged in this profession, highly challenging, which covers amny areas where we can confine them in the following disciplines.
Analyst Creer and Jobs:
Systems analyst can work on a Varity of jobs and not limited to specific specialization or field of study. Engineers, lawyers, physicians, social workers and all other can be a successful analysts.? The following gives samples of jobs which new analysts have to carry:
  • Systems Designer
  • Systems Engineer
  • data analyst
  • Information Analyst:
  • Process Engineer
  • Maintenance Analyst
  • Organization Engineer
  • Program Analyst:
  • Network Engineer:
  • Database Administrator-Analyst:
  • Methodologist:
  • Quality Facilitator
  • Quality Systems Auditor
System Analysis and Design:

System analysis and design are concerned with the investigation of an organization and the design and implementation of a computerized solution to that organization needs. To analyze a system is to identify its components (devices, people, rules and procedures) and their interrelationships in order to determine its objectives, requirements, and priorities. The analyst must find ways of representing organization as a whole system, taking into consideration any economic behavioral and technical constraints. To know more about systems analyst job from the internet click here. and visit the international institute of business analysis(IIBa).