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This site is about change. It helps both teams involved in change: those willing to adopt change, and others who lead or manage the change. When we need to develop a new system or introduce some improvements in the way we are managing our business, our organization or even our lives, we need to answer the following three important questions:
1. What we want?
2. Why we need what we want? and
3.How should we build the solution and introduce the change?
And because there are no one answer for any of these questions, many studies become available to help us in getting the proper answers. There are now categories of professions and careers dedicated for analysis of needs and developing solutions for such needs, and also to facilitate the introduction of the needed change. We can find three main approaches for building soultions and introduce changes. These are:
Systems Analysis: Which deals with the what question; by identifying needs and anlyze problems and feasible solutions
Systems Design: Concerns with the how question; through the design and building slutions with its software and hardware
Systems Dynamcs: ansers the why question; revealing reasons for current system behavior and how it reached its current state.

Nothing now is left for chance or trial and errors, if you have a problem to solve, or you have objective to achieve, even if you want to change a society, then you can get exactly what you need. There are now many Universities and academic institutions work to qualify professions and specialists for such jobs. Tose are systems analysts whome we are dedicating this work to. The following figures give views for representing type of change and its most difficult part, the transtion.
There is no one shot change, and if done its effect will be weak and thin. Building new system or modifying an exiting one needs change in people and procedures. This can be carried out in steps over a period of time and needs a professional Systems Analyst. Change does not happen by protests. Transition from old system to the new solution is the most difficult stage in change. If you do not know your way and distination; you are lost!!
This site adopts Systems Thinking which utilizes the three previous approaces through a unified methodology with its variety of tools and models, and through training of organization personnel we improve their capabilitis to manage and engineer the change.
In this site you find information about systems, its development methodologies, change strategies, analysis tools, training, and real life projects and you can download research papers and lectures. You can also publish your articles and comments on our Information Bulletin.
Systems Development and Change
the field of Systems Thinking and Change
Introduction to Dynamics of Vortices
Vortices are a collection of more than one vortex, each characterizes by a certain elements of physical and dynamic property of a moving fluid.  They are all obeying certain laws in their motion and behavior.  This author spent 15 years looking and studying vortices and found
Introduction to Systems Analysis (in English)
This lecture gives a summarized view for number of systems analysis lectures introduced to analyst trainees in number of organizations.  These lectures stressed the importance of selecting the proper methodology and emphasized the systemic approach in dealing with system problems. 
Here you can publish your articles
In Change Management and Engineering
Change for Success
Change for Success is the new issue of the information bulletin published by Analysthome site.  The aim of this issue is to emphasize the power of change by people and the importance to utilize m
Our site has three main themes:The slide show showing some of our actual projects, information and knowledge base presenting elements of systems thinking, and information bulletin where you can publish your articles and comments. We also offer consultation and self study courses for systems change.
The site also offers number of training programs in the areas of information systems, systems thinking, and management of change.
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