Systems Analysis the Career, Profession, and Arabic Language

Abstract:Over the past ten years, the problem that I was trying to identify its causes can be outlined in the following questions : "Why all our improvement efforts always got stuck? and why there is no one single development project completed to to its end? And why we always start from scratch every time?" I have not seen yet any one project completed as planned, if it ended up and not being canceled. During this period I was increasingly convinced that the reason is not attributed to any technical reasons but rather to be dependent primarily on human factors and social interactions, including the cultural dimension.  And at the end I was convinced that the cause is related to our educational system and science Arabization.  That is why I am presenting this paper in the occasion of publishing my first book in Arabic titled "Introduction to Systems Analysis and Design Methods" as a call towards the adoption of system thinking as a career development and a profession in our societies. By concepts of system thinking it becomes difficult for me to explain the synchronization between the presentation of this paper and what was published by Al-Ahram newspaper today about the statement issued by the Minister of Education saying "the culture of our community represents a barrier to eliminate the phenomenon of private lessons." He pointed to the "opposition of community to modify the way we administer our exams and the adherence to the current way." This means that he simply is referring to the phenomenon of resistance to change. He has appealed to the clerks and religion leaders to focus on their call to fight this phenomena as one solutions. This paper proposes the inclusion of systems analysis in our education curriculum in primary and preparatory stages as an alternative solution. This article is in Arabic and can be downloaded by clicking the link