Samir Mostafa, "Systems thinking between theory and application in learning and education,"

Abstract:This research dealt with "system" and "system thinking", which are among the topics that have crystallized through many years of research and application with the aim of highlighting the development and applications of the frameworks of this field and its implications. Despite the wide range of studies of thinking mechanisms and its methods which included various branches of science in the Western world, systems thinking has remained, during the past fifty years, confined to research laboratories and seminar halls far from application and practical use in our institutions, and in some sporadic cases in which it came out for practical application, its use had suffered sometimes from ambiguity, and confusion at other times. Perhaps the reason for this is the vital link between thinking and institutional culture or societal culture. Therefore, the success of adoping concepts of systemic thinking with its various theories and applications requires an innovative approach from our educational and learning institutions in  the Arab societies that add to the cultural dimension to its curriculum, as this becomes an essential step towards building a systemic culture society.  This leads to qualifying a new citizen whom one of the systemic thinkers called him "the systems citizen", and the first of this generation is certainly the student of today and the manager of tomorrow .