Samir I. Mostafa and Ghada I. ElShaar

Abstract: This research aims to improve some of the systems thinking skills of primary school students by introducing a new concept for developing a new mthodology suitable for developing number of educational programs. In order to atchieve this objective the research carries an extensive reviews for concepts, tools, and terminologies of systems thinking as it is used in both the Arabic and Western institutional and educational organizations. Discripancies between the usage and theapplications of in both sides were spotted and identified and a new proposed approach was proposed to link systems thinking to the general theories and mechanisms of thought.  This approach was then used to design a setof english language lesson for fifth grade puopils. The unit was built, implemented and tested on a group of pupils on one of preparatory shools in Cairo. Results show a remarkable improvement of the studen understanding and interaction with the new unit.  The research recommends more rsearch to be undertaken in these areas and to change the planning concept of schools computer lab to be used in teaching and education of tudent using computer packages specifically desiged for this purpose.